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some anti gay remarks made earlier this week. kron four's jeff bush explains what the niners defensive back is doing to make amends. >> reporter: fast a week in the spotlight for saying he would not approve of a gay player on the team. the media swarmed him the next day and the cornerback backpeddledsaying he was sorry for what he said. >> chris culliver,san francisco 49ers: that was very ugly comments and that is not what i feel in my heart and hopefully, i can learn and grow from this experience and this situation. >> reporter: that apology was not enough for many in the gay community so the team announced that culliver will get sensitivity training from the trevor project which is an orgaization that mans a 24 hour hotline for lgbt youth to call if they are having thoughts of suicide. >> abbie lane,trevor project: we're going to be working on educating chris and his family and friends about the work that we do and the power of words and educating him on the importance of using words and understanding that predjudice and fear and hate that our young lesbian, gay bisexual and transgen
and gun control measure imaginable. >> this morning outgoing defense secretary leon panetta continues to show his confidence in his replacement nominee, senator chuck hagle of nebraska. they said they are focusing too hutch on what he has said in the past and not enough time on the issues he would face now at defense secretary. >> what about the war on afghanistan? what about the war on terrorism? what about the budget dequester and what impact it will have on readiness. what about middle east turmoil, what about taber attacks? all the issues that confront a secretary of defense, frankly we didn't see enough time discussing those issues and that's what counts. >> on thursday hagle took a grilling from the senate armed services committee about his past remarks on israel and iran, which some republican members found, in their words, inconsistent, weak and wobbly. >>> lisa argen is here now with a preview of the accuweather forecast. maybe some precipitation heading this way? >> not today. today eats glorious out there. we have plenty of sunshine in most areas. right here downtown near 5
sacks are the second most for a defensive tackle. >> my feet never touched the ground for 30 minutes. this is unbelievable. we played ultimate team sported and this is ultimate examination of an individual. >> he broke down and started crying. >> larry allen started crying? >> yes, sir. >> and crying in football. join them, chris carter. dave robinson. offensive tackle, jonathan ogden. and his coach, bill purchase sells that led them to two titles. >> sharks have played seven games and have not yet faced a defeat. the keep had to be pleased with the team's started. san jose did blow a great opportunity in the secondly. ryan goes up and martin celebrates instead of putting the puck back in the net. he thought it was in. he skated right over it. after two periods, there is no score. >> after sitting out the last two games with a sprained ankle, curry was back. golden state is hosting phoenix. andrew jams it home. he had 8 points the first half. curry's ankle had ten points at the break. nice pass by bogen who behind barnes. suns led by four. third quarter action, curry on the break, th
will start to kick in march 1st, taking a $55 billion bite out of this year's defense budget and $27 billion from domestic discretionary spending. according to the congressional budget office more than 1 million jobs are at risk. defense secretary leon panetta had this warning. >> we are going to weaken the united states and make it much more difficult to respond to the crisis in europe. >> reporter: the cuts were designed to be so painful they would force congress to come one a smarter way to trim the deficit instead but it didn't happen. house republicans poind out they passed a bill to replace the sequester with cuts to federal worker pay, food stamps and other programs. democrats say that puts the burden on poor and middle class americans to pay for debt reduction. >> remember the american people still believe by an overwhelming margin that the rich should contribute to this. >> reporter: republicans argue democrats have no plan for replacing the sequester beyond eliminating tax breaks for corporate jet owners and oil companies. >> these aren't real solutio
a person's pulse from my news feed. >> secretary of defense leon e. panetta up delivering an address to georgetown university students and facilities on leadership and public service. defense secretary is expected to make changes in its benefits policy for same-sex couples. they agency reportedly began granting same sex balsas of service members of benefits that have been previously blocked. without violating the federal defense the marriage act. those include housing on military bases, military i.d. cards, and a consideration of same-sex bows and family in duty assignments. panetta's likely replacement shut hey jill says, that he supports the move. >> we will be right back. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and interne
and ex 49ers include defensive lineman and 60 fests are going to spend the day with the past super bowl champs. >> remember to switch to two right after the game for a live local post game show. >> it is all happening right now. 15 home resist in the dark. a driver lost control and came up on the sidewalk. >> it happened near bancroft and seminary avenues. the driver refused medical attention and they questioned him. and it is still unclear if he is going to face charges. this is the third accident at the intersection in recent months and pg&e told the neighbors they will not have power until later tonight. they are short staffed on this super bowl sunday. >> they rescued three children from a burning apartment in novato. they were in a bedroom and went out to the balcony where they were rerescued. they believe an unattended pot on the stove started the fire. >>> starting out with a live look at the oakland estuary. mixture of sun and clouds out there. we have a bit after onshore flow and will bring in the moisture from the pacific. low clouds as we start the day and parts of the north
that they were going to loss and you know, have the comeback drive on our defense. they made the plays on defense to get off the field. that helped them to win the game. >> joe flacco three touchdown passes for the post-season, 11 touchdown passes and no interceptions. he was named the game's mvp. the 49ers lose for the first time ever in a super bowl. they had been a perfect 5-0. from new orleans, i'm dave feldman, let's go back to you. >> thanks very much. dave was talking about it. one of the biggest surprises of the super bowl didn't happen on the field. many people believe it gave the niners a much needed game of pace. >> the power went out in the superdome. emergency power kicked in and kept the stadium from being completely dark most of the time. during the outage the fans were a little concerned about their safety. >> there are escalators are not working. the people surrounding us were totally drunk, disorderly. i figured if i had to get out from up on the terrace level i wouldn't be able to get out. some of those drunks would run right over and kill me. >> reporter: officials with the ut
will defer that to history. >> he said as defense secretary he would work on relationshipsships. >>> now to our super bowl coverage from new orleans. tonight a defensive back on the 49ers is apologizing for comments he made about gay players in the nfl. ktvu's joe fonzi is in new orleans and tells us how chris culliver faced the media today and what he said. joe? >> reporter: frank, we talked about this throughout the week, the super bowl is about fun and games but one or two serious issues come up throughout the week, that see the case today -- that was the case today. chris culliver's comments went viral today and this was the first time he was available to the media and the last time either team will be available to the media till sunday's game. he didn't duck the issues but his comments sounded different than earlier. >> i am sorry i offended anyone. like i said it was an ugly comment. it is not what i feel in my heart. hopefully i grow from this experience and situation and i love san francisco. anybody have any entitlements -- >> reporter: 49 brass and teammates weighed in on a day
confirmed as the next secretary of defense. how he responded to his critics today on capitol hill. don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> this just in to the kron 4 news room this terrible tragedy on a china highway, with a explosion. details, coming up. >> the oakland police department is dealing with compliance. the reforms put in place that were meant to change the structure have not been completed they say that they expressed concern that they do not this came from a police misconduct. the officer pulled a gun on a sleeping baby they recognized immediately that the baby did not pose a threat. >> this story has captiv
seasons with the silver and black. his 96-1/2 sacks are the second most for a defensive tackle and made the pro bowl seven times. >> my feet haven't touched the ground for 30 minutes. this is up believable. we play the ultimate team spirit and -- team sport. >> he -- broke down and started crying. >> big honor for a big man. joining sapp and allen are kris carter, culp, and dave around binson, and offensive tackle jonathan ogden, the ravens' first ever draft pick, and bill parcells. >> the sharks have not tasted defeat after seven games this season but all good things must come to an end. san jose and nashville with scoreless after one. sharks had a golden opportunity in the second but the shot went in so celebrates instead of putting in the rebound. that would prove to be costly. pavlik did fine the net in the third and tieses up. but for the third straight contest the sharks win the shoot you this time they would lose. san jose still gets a point but drops to 7-0-1. >>> after sitting out the last two games with a twisted ankle, curry was back in the warriors' lineup. golden state, hos
seasons with the silver and black. his 96-1/2 sacks are mo second most for a defensive tackle and made the pro bowl seven times. >> my feet haven't touched the ground for 30 minutes. this is up believable. we play the ultimate team spirit and -- team sport. >> he -- broke down and started crying. >> big honor for a big man. joining sapp and allen are kris carter, culp, and dave around binson, and offensive tackle jonathan ogden, the ravens' first ever draft pick, and bill parcells. >> the sharks have not tasted defeat after seven games this season but all good things must come to an end. san jose and nashville with scoreless after one. sharks had a golden opportunity in the second but the shot went in so celebrates instead of putting in the rebound. that would prove to be costly. pavlik did fine the net in the third and tieses up. but for the third straight contest the sharks win the shoot you this time they would lose. san jose still gets a point but drops to 7-0-1. >>> after sitting out the last two games with a twisted ankle, curry was back in the warriors' lineup. golden state, hos
on baltimore's side on the defense. >> are you disappointed? >> yes i am. there is next year and we have a young team. >> i have to tell you is a lot of fun to come out here with the world series a championship. >> he made a good point, it is a young team and there's always next year. there on the verge of a new era with the niners. is that the data would people are feeling? >> i think the will and is still a little too fresh. it's a sellout to get to where they were. 5 yds short with a minute lesson plan the game, you don't get those chances too often. >> we will continue to follow fan reaction. the team is expected to arrive today at 1:00 in the bay area. we will take a quick break, we will be right back with more in a moment. ♪ yeeeowwww! ♪ hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ you're a hot kind of love you set me on fire ♪ ♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ you're a - a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess @÷ you can't
is scheduled to start june 10th. the defense is seeking a trial delay, but prosecutors are objecting. the shootings one-year anniversary is february 26th. new this morning out of this again of possible, explosion at a home about 15 minutes outside of detroit. this is an melvindale, michigan. firefighters a handicapped man lives in the home is reportedly not been accounted for. it is unclear whether he was in the home when the explosion happened. >> if that we've ignored it would have happened? >> i'm with you mark, i'm on the fence about this. >> i will ask it gary about it. then we will move on. >> i thought i would just throw that out there, it should have been us. >> midst of b.c. is recalling about 111400 of its i_miev electric cars across the country because a break, can fail. the automaker says the recall affects 2012 models made from december 2, 2011 through the timber seventh 2012. a defective vacuum pump and stop working. that will reduce breaking power, increase stopping distances and raise the risk of a crash. it's easy says no crashes are injuries have been reported. the
pelley is in new york. >> what's the biggest threat to america? the outgoing defense secretary left us today with a stark warning of what he says could be the next pearl harbor. that story tonight on the "cbs evening news." >>> when it comes to a healthy heart, some of those good fats may not be so good after all. >> no. dr. kim on a strange turn of events that raises new questions about what we should be eating. >>> reporter: at emergency barbecue in san carlos tritip is king but doesn't red meat as well as butter and cheese just ooze with saturated fat? that bad stuff that clogs arteries? >> i'd be dead already if i had my dreams of eating bacon every day. i wouldn't be able to do this interview. >> reporter: for years the american heart association has urged americans to cut down on bad fat and boost the good stuff poly-unsaturated vegetable oils like corn oil, safflower rich in omega-6 lineolic acid. now a new report could have us all chewing the fat. federal researchers looked at an old study on poly- unsaturated oils and found lost data tha
cbs news, new orleans. >> 49ers defensive back will spend his off season doing damage control after his home phobic comments at tuesday's media day. after the super bowl, colliver will work with the trefr project to learn more about the lgbt community. a representative says he could eventually spend time volunteering at a crisis center. >>> if you take a look at the french quarter you might think you're in san francisco with all the 49er fans who traveled for the super bowl. as cbs reporter christina anderson shows us, they can't wait until tomorrow. >> the streets are packed with people all decked out in their football best supporting their favorite taechls. >> it's pretty amazing. we've -- a last-minute decision to come down. neither one of us has ever been here to a super bowl. it's just fun. the hotel we're staying at has a lot of 49er fans. it's fun walk tg streets to see people jazzed walking around. it's really neat. >> for some, being here in new orleans is a dream come true. >> we told each other five years ago next time niners go to the super bowl we're coming, and here we
football team has been defense but thanks to joe flacco the offense is now carrying its share of the load sgli just remember snapping him in the chest real hard. i was like look you're the general now. lead us to a victory. like, we're not walking out of here unless you wake upright now and leadtous a victory. >> flacco will join rich as the only quarterback at the university of delaware to start in a super bowl. at super bowl xlvii, i'm dennis odonnell. chuck wouldn't come out, with all that hollering. but when the groundhog came out of his house at . >>> all right. chuck didn't really want to make it out but when the ground hog did come out of his house at the staten island zoo, he did not see his shadow, and we all know what that means. that means the winterly weather is ending. there will be an early spring. chuck is one of several ground hogs across the country that predict the coming of spring. it's not just how you file apparently. he's being up staged. i'm kind of ready for spring weather. >>> yeah. it's been cold for a long time, hasn't it. >> yeah. >> i think that has been th
fletcher. take a listen. we were out there playing just as hard in defense as through were offense. and we thought that it was our game but we will be back. >> coming up at 4:30 we'll be talking to kron four's will tran who is live in new orleans this morning. >> back here in san francisco. crowds gathered all over the city to watch the big game. over the at the "republic" in the marina. fans cheered the niners on to the *very last minute. hoping for a sixth super bowl victory. this is video of fans celebrating during the game. most niners fans were disappointed. others happy the team made it this far. >> it was a good game we were coming back the entire time but they kept coming in but not so good. >> id is depressing it is hard to handle them losing. but they have a great season a great comeback this season, and came up just a little short this time. it was a great game that is all we could really hope for. >> after the game. it was a quiet night in the marina. so far no arrests have been reported from that area of san francisco. >> however it was a slightly different story in the missio
to win it for us. i thought our defense was going to come out strong >> and they were going to hold them and come out with a big win. >> we always believed. we are big * niners fans. >> i was a full all the way through, hoping for a victory. maybe next year. >> it would have been nice to see all the fans here when the niners fans in the bay area as well were doing the kapernick gang. it did not have been. what next? the logical thing is the super bowl. people are extremely proud. >> it was a great comeback in that second half. thanks for the report and safe travels back here. >> jackie sissel is gauging reaction at the very building intemperances go. >> sorry, we are having problem with jackie's mike. we will check back later in the broadcast. >> ♪ beyonce put on quite a show. she answered critics during her halftime performance by singing live with fierceness and confidence. she even got a little help from destiny ' as a child band mates. beyonce sang hit songs like love on top qu, crazy in love, baby boy and a single ladies. >> sometimes things aren't meant to be. i think everybody w
as of facebook and then join a common vision. >> reporter: developing right now more money from. defense secretary is talking about what will be next if congress and the white house cannot agree on federal budget. if there is no deal. spending cuts are due out in a few weeks prepare defense secretary leon panetta says that they have not seen such a series readiness in a few years. >> this is not a game. >> reporter: they promise if congress does not approve a budget by march 1st. >> army training and golden operations will shrink cnn says they expect we will not deal to refuel and maintain aircraft carriers. weapon final approval come from congress is talking just as much rob lamb as solutions. >> placing blame will be just as bad as march madness. that is why don't want to sequester in the first place, but the president did not want to have to deal with the debt limit again before reelection. >> reporter: congress is governing by crisis which is leaving the military with no good options. he was speaking today at georgetown in washington, and was kind of seemingly eager about his retirem
forward and chase what matters. ,,,, defensive end could face upo three months of rehab.... christian start th >>> reportedly having surgery this week to repair the left tricep. he could face up to three months of rehab. start the clock. they both exchanged greetings. they talk about the nice advantage. they will poke it on in and tieing it at 1 as they did not bounce it here tonight. they will move off the big pick here. and they suffered their first loss in the regulation this season. they report to the a's, requiring the shortstop. and from the five-player trade. he's among the trio of a's that will be headed here. for the second time, he was named western conference player of the week. golden state, they went 4-0 last week. >>> the super bowl mvp spent the day riding along with mickey mouse. hi recently found out his wife is pregnant with their second child. >> do you want to play the 49ers again? >> he's a free agent. he should be getting a new contract. now, he'll need the money probably. >> yes. >> you can always argue. i need more money. >> right. >> we'll see you soon. >> see
outgoing defense secretary leon panetta in a farewell ceremony. he will be honored for his years of public service. he looks forward to returning to private life on his family's walnut ranch. president obama nominated former nebraska senator chuck hagel to replace panetta. in his seventh state of the city address chuck reid said despite ongoing budget challenges the city is moving forward. >> we are going to restore police and fire services and reopen schools and repair our roads. >> the mayor thanked voters for supporting measure b. labor leaders say the mayor's battle with city employee unions has hurt moral. >> i think he's taken the approach with not only city workers but community groups that it's his way or the highway. >> mayor reed says pension reform alone won't solve all the city's financial problems. he suggests the possibility of going to voters next year with a proposal for a sales tax hike. >>> police in fairfield are looking for the men they say duct taped and robbed a school janitor for ipads. it happened wednesday night at the semiyen toe continuation high school. two men
-for-18 in the last four games. grice, despite the loss, played well with 30 saves. defensive end justin smith will reportedly have surgery this week to repair his left tricep. the 49ers are still one of the favorites to get back to the super bowl next year. >> we stood in the locker room about ten minutes. it was real tough to get down to the four-yard line and not win the game. we've got a lot of free agents, so we'll see what happens after this year. >>> delaney walker is one of five key free agents with the 49ers, still under contract. alex smith's future will also have to be addressed this off- season. >>> the a's have acquired jed lowrie from the astros in a five-player trade. chris carter is among the trio of a's headed to houston. >>> joe vazquez spent the day hanging out with mickey mouse. >> do you want to play the 49ers again? >> i don't know. i might end up with too many kids. >>> and no. 4, for the bay area pacer convention, george hill with a nice lob to paul george for the alley-oop. no. 3, lillard gets a rude awakening at
'ers have announced that defensive back for the niners made offensive remarks. he said he will volunteer at the trevor project in san francisco. it provides crisis and suicide intervention for lgbt youth. >>> one 49er, one raider, but no eddy debartolo among the members of the nfl hall of fame. red and gold that would be in the hall this year belongs to former offensive lineman larry allen. a ten-time pro goal selection. this was his first year of eligibility. allen spent most of his career in dallas but finished up with the 49'ers. another first ballot inductee, warren sapp, the former buck near, who played his last few years in silver and black will be enshrined in canton, ohio. sapp was a dominating force on the offensive line. andre reid was passed over again. >> there's no question in my mind kid debartolo belongs in there. he's certainly at the top of the list and i hope people see it for what it is and understand it. he was the best owner history of professional sports. >> two players who did not get in, former receiver tim brown and former 49'ers linebacker charles
it defense. 28-1/6 it does not come down just to one play. and a 34 points. and they did not quit. the coach's philosophy is to keep fighting but that is... the fans could just take it back. they lost just three points. and maybe four points? did you hear baltimore complain about any calls >> pam: he could have run faster if he did not the view is not being held. i get your point. >> gary: i will say it wants and i will say it again. if you go out your wife, your girlfriend you of a beautiful passion that night ended and the ecstasy. do you care that the house is security or the kids are crying or that the garbage is not thrown away. but of the night is ending where we do not work well. whoever loses finds fault. >> pam: we will have you later. >> gary: we will see later. >> now that football is over.people are moving on.and here on our kron-4 facebook fan page, we're wondering where all your suport is headed. the giants run to repeat? the warriors best season in years? sports related. i'll have the poll results coming up in about 5 minutes. >> jacqueline: it has been mostly sunny but there
defensive player of the year. and finished with oakland from 2004 to 2007. bill parcels who coached two super bowl seasons with the giants is in. joined by wide receiver chris cutter. and jonathan ogden and two players from the '60s and '70s, curly colt and dave robinson round out the lucky seven. >>> adrian peterson was named the most valuable player by the associated press. rushed for 2019 yards. nine yards short of breaking the single season record. there was some question whether peterson was even playing after off-season major knee surgery. also peyton manning. >>> the golden bear fans had a lot to celebrate, the men's basketball team beat oregon. allen crab picked up the garbage and properly disposes of it. cal though traveled oregon at half -- trailed oregon at half time. ducks led by two with 2:30 left in the game. another duck give away. another easy basket. cal beats the top 10 ranked team at home for the first time in seven years. justin cob pulls up. it is the jumper. cal wins it 58-54. they're just 5-4 in the pack 12. first place ducks, 7-2. coming up next, a battle on the
at the end of the game. however, when you fall behind 28-6. the defense was poor it was more than just a no call on crabtree. however, >> there is no question in my mind that there was a pass interference. and a hold on crabtree on the last one. >> gary: and perhaps maybe jim harbaugh tomorrow or a couple of days are going to say that that is not what lost the game. but in the heat of the moment he and freight corp. said that baltimore was lucky. everybody is going to take a step back. the 49ers. if ahead this was the greatest performance. maybe. the parentsmom and dda harbaugh may have been the highlite of >> it was one of the most difficult football game in my entire career but so proud of both of them. ford jim harbaugh to fight like he has the entire life to make this a football tremendously proud >> we were receiving orders from both of us. they had a great time. it was great right until kickoff that it was not so great. >> even the loyal fans say that a john harbaugh the way that he conducts himself and that he was always the underdog. jim harbaugh was always the great quarterbac
been going over which benefits they could extend without violating the defensive marriage act. this includes military housing. >>> vice-president joseph biden will administer the oath of office secretary of state john kerry in a swearing in. john kerry has been working at his new job since monday and he said he is making security of american diplomats around the world a prior yourty. -- priority. that comes after what happened last friday, a suicide bomber outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. >>> they are considering a crackdown on certain landlords. supervisors say it would require soft structured buildings to make them seismically safe. there are at least 3,000 structures like those throughout the city. the program will require soft structures to be retrofitted by 20/20 and if not landlords face heavy fines. the city could post a sign saying they violate earthquake safety codes. >>> even though they lost big, his team is no push over. in fact he told his players to intentionally -- >> that is a foul. >>> -- intentionally foul them and he didn't want them to break the record f
the latest with the senate postponing chuck hegel vote as he becomes defense secretary. this decision comes as republicans aranding more informations from hagel about his paid speeches and business dealings. senator carl levin, the chairman of the armed services committee, said in a statement yesterday that there'll be no vote this week. committee republicans say they are dissatisfied with information hegel provided the panel after his confirmation hearing last week. >> california senator barbara boxer once federal regulators to investigate possible the equipment problems at the shattered sand on a firm nuclear power plant. this comes as utility officials are pushing to restart one of the reactors at the plant. in a letter to the nuclear regulatory commission, a boxer says new information shows southern california edison and the company that makes the plant's steam generator is new about design problems before the equipment was installed. boxer says this raises concerns the safety modifications and a more rigorous safety review were ignored. @÷ save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedi
congressman. just yesterday he testified on the department of defense's response to the attack on u.s. facilities in benghazi. panetta was the director of the cia at the time osama bin laden was killed. no word on what he plans to do or if he will move back to his home on the central coast. an armed forces farewell ceremony will be held later today. >>> san jose international airport could soon become home to a brand new private airport for google executives. the $82 million project would include an executive terminal, hangars and ramp space to accommodate google's largest business jets. the proposed airport would bring in nearly $3 million a year in rent and would create hundreds of permanent jobs and up to 200 construction jobs. the san jose city council is expected to vote on this proposal coming up in april. >>> texas governor rick perry stepping up his campaign to try to steal business away from california. perry planning to visit silicon valley, san francisco and los angeles during a four-day trip that starts this sunday. he's planning to tell people that texas is a better pla
allen. >>> ray lewis has been the face of the ravens for nearly two decades. baltimore's defense is full of dominant personalities. a new leader has emerged, on the offensive side of the football. >> i just remember slapping him in the chest, you know, like real hard. i was like, look, you're the general now, you know. lead us to a victory. like we're not talking out of here unless you wake up, like right now, and lead us to a victory. >> i don't know which side of joe we want to get ahold of. we want joe cool and all that. but come on, man. in our locker room, we got 53 -- we got about 65, 69 different guys in the locker room. we handsen down got probably the craziest, the nuttiest locker room in the nfl. and he fits right in with that. >> reporter: yeah. joe flacco is the guy that concerns me. eight touchdowns, no interceptions. the offensive line is playing great football and everybody has been talking about colin kaepernick. not too much about joe flacco. so as we go back to san francisco, ken and liz, that guy, watch out for the
security. meantime, china's ministry of national defense denies any involvement in the cyber attack. >>> fox news host geraldo rivera is seriously thinking about running for a u.s. new jersey senate seat in 2013. he said he's been in touch with people in the republican party in new jersey. now, 89-year-old new jersey frank lautenburg has not said whether he will be seeking re- election. cory booker, also a democrat, said he's thinking about running as well. >>> the death toll in yesterday's explosion at the mexico state-owned headquarters continues to rise. we've learned 32 people have died. and more than 120 were hurt. crews are continuing to rescue people trapped by debris. the explosion occurred in the basement and then heavily damaged three floors of the building where several thousand people worked. no word on what caused the blast. >>> ten years ago today, the space shuttle "columbia" disintegrated as it returned to earth a. all seven crew members died and today nasa centers around the country including ames are -- nasa aims. they will unavailable an exhibit unveil -- unveilin
for the defense. perhaps more for baltimore to handle. >> who is the team that is going to cause turned over? for me, it is simple. when you look at all of those things you would lean towards the niners. >> jerry rice, the previous experience came in handy taking a look at this super bowl concert. he really can dance. and people practice anything just for 50 minutes and he is good at it. 15- minutes. and this was at 80 the zoo and montana, these were both banana cream pies. these are at a zoo. and the prediction is at the baltimore ravens. >> something in common with punxsutawney phil, the flu epidemic. in the south bay. >> and we of of this live look outside. starting to be a lovely day and a bit of a breeze. for over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyon
of famer on defense, the last time he'll be on the field in ray lewis, that's got to be memorable. >> let's say, if nothing else, they backed into something of a classic, guys. great to see you. thanks for joining us this morning. and so -- speaking of joe flacco, a rich young man and the ravens mvp quarterback. he'll join us live today a bit later in the program. that's now it from here in new orleans. back to you, george. >> thank you, josh. >>> we're going to switch gears now to that shocking killing of legendary s.e.a.l. chris kyle. he was gunned down at a shooting range over the weekend. the man arrested was a troubled former marine whom kyle was trying to help. ryan owens has more from dallas. >> reporter: we're told that the young suspect idolized the man, chris kyle. so many people did. he was an american hero who survived so much at war, only to be gunned down here at home. >> i love the job. you know, the guys, the camaraderie. >> reporter: chris kyle knew the toll combat takes more than anyone. he served four tours in iraq. won seven medals for his bravery. killed more of the e
. >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. >> defense secretary leon panetta is expected to announce this week that same-sex spouses of service members will be granted some benefits that they had not bemen denied until now. >> the pentagon has been revealing what benefit is to expand without violating the defense of marriage act. >> among the benefits gay- rights groups say can be legally extended our housing on military bases, military i.d. cards to assess on bass activities and programs, access to commissaries and the consideration of the same-sex thousand family in duty assignments. >> panetta likely replacement, former senator chuck hegel, has said he supports extending the benefits. >> british lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. the bill will have to go through some more detailed parliament terry debates. if it becomes law, the proposed bill would enable same-sex couples to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies, provided that the religious institution consent. >> the bill would also allow couples live previously entered i
meteorologist ginger zee mildly defensive.
would like a little bit of quiet time. shark's defense was stellar, predators led 1-0 until the sharks score on the power-play and who gets it? wouldn't you know, marty havlat. we go to the shoot-outn one man scored and nashville's craig smith. sharks do get a point. still un [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you can't get more italian. it's on. let's roll. . >>> golden state got tea point guard stephen curry. tonight was social network night at oracle arena. the in the 3rd curry breaks the tie. he had 29 points. warriors outscored the suns by to after that point, harriston barness with 21 and golden state wins fourth straight as andrew bogut was there and warriors are 30-17 and hit the road for 4 starting tuesday in houston. >>> cal's men's basketball team has been more mitt than hit, but they finally managed to wipback-to-back games
administration. >> meanwhile, a senate panel has postponed a vote on chubb hegel's nomination to be defense secretary. the decision comes as republicans are demanding more information from a joke about his paid speeches and business dealings. senator carl levin, the chairman of the armed services committee, said in a statement yesterday that there will be no vote this week. committee republicans say that they are dissatisfied with the information that pedro provided the panel after his confirmation hearing last week. >> california senator barbara boxer once federal regulators to investigate possible equipment problems at the shuttered san onofre nuclear power plant. this comes as utility officials are pushing to restart one of the reactors at the plant. a letter to the nuclear regulatory commission, boxer says that new information shows southern california edison and the company that makes the plants steam generators knew about the design problem before the equipment was installed. boxer says that this raises concerns at safety modifications and a more rigorous safety review was ignored. >>
in the house. meanwhile outgoing defense secretary leon panetta is scheduled to testify on capitol hill on thursday on the u.s. response to that attack in libya. >>> president obama has signed an extension for the federal government's ability to borrow new money. the measure will suspend the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling until the middle of may. the bill also requires members of the house and senate to pass a budget by mid-april or risk having their own pay withheld. >>> the dow's bounce above 14,000 didn't last long. worry about europe dragged the market down yesterday, the biggest losses of the year. the dow was down 129. the nasdaq lost 48. in the previous session, the dow had hit its highest level in years. >>> the u.s. government plans to file a civil lawsuit against the ratings agency standard & poor's. the suit accuses the firm of giving high ratings to risky mortgage bond and led to the 2008 financial crisis. s&p says the suit is without merit. >>> medical marijuana has been legal in california since 1996. but now some cities are banning the di
's favorite subway station will be renamed in his honor. >>> defense secretary leon panetta defended the use of unmanned drone strikes to target potential terrorists who are a threat to the u.s. in an interview on "meet the press," he says the decision to strike doesn't come lightly. >>> now let's head to wall street, cnbc's kayla tausche is at the new york stock exchange. good morning to you, kayla. >> good morning. the stock market near record highs closing friday at a level it hadn't seen since 2007, lifted by positive data on hiring. wall street hopes the rally will continue. it's watching cbs, the host of the super bowl, and entergy, the company responsible for the blackout. how much will it cost them both? >> interesting. we'll be watching that stock. kayla tausche at the new york stock exchange, thanks. >>> a terrifying video that appears to show an iranian natural gas platform sank last week in the rsian gulf. in it you can see, workers are scrambling along the rig as it sinks, but iran has not commented on the number of injuries or fatalities in the sinking. iran's development of th
was one of the worst guys and ratted on everybody. today, he is the new defensive assistant. hired by the tennessee titans. you are good at what you do. you can be a rat, and i have having difficulty seeing. at&t, round one at pebble beach. let us watch which guy. and i like because he signs autographs. he is fantastic and phil mickelson. he shot 69. there is no tiger woods this week. we west would lee westwood and hunter mayhan.. keep tabs on him, he will be a good player in the future he shot 66 and is tied for the lead. here is our big money story. as you come home from work, felix hernandez. beside them to a seven year contract. seven years, 75 million. he is now the highest paid and felix hernandez i will give you my thoughts on his next but look at this promotional campaign. with weekend at bernie's the players took a bit from that with one of those june 29th, mark your calendar. it will be given out to the first tab thousand fans. and on felix hernandez. i do not mind paying a guy if you pay derrik a cheater. but for the people that say let us go to the game and see barry bo
degree murder trial. zimmerman's defense attorneys say they need more time to raise funds for that case. martin would have been 18 years old today. his parents are reportedly at the hearing. an antigun and antiviolence rally is planned for today, as well. >>> medical marijuana dispensaries in california are waiting on a ruling about how far state law can go to protect their right to do business. the state supreme court will hear arguments today on whether local governments can ban the dispensaries. right now 200 cities and counties ban them. about three dozen are right here in the bay area. >>> tv watching may hurt a man's chances of having a cool. a new study shows young men who watch 20 hours of tv a week had lower sperm counts. researchers tracked men between 18 and 22 years old for about two years. they say men can improve their sperm count significantly if they exercise at least 15 hours a week. >>> the real-life spider-man pulls off another death-defying climb. >> better known, the french spider-man alain robert's latest feat cub
. >>> 7:18. new this morning, defense secretary leon panetta is speaking at georgetown university in washington, d.c. about leadership and public service. he talked about what he calls the most urgent task facing this nation. >> this is overcoming. the partisan dysfunction in congress that poses a threat to our quality of life, to our national security, to our economy, to our ability to address the problems that confront this country. >> the 74-year-old panetta told president obama he did not want to continue on for the president's second term because he wanted to return to his walnut ranch in monterey. >>> later today, president obama will announce his nomination for interior department secretary to replace ken salazar. reportedly, the president will nominate business executive sally jewel. she's ceo of the outdoors company rei. jewel is the first woman to be nominated for his second cabinet. president obama is expected to make a personnel announcement at 11:00 a.m. this morning at the white house. >>> it appears that lance armstrong's televised apology did not sway uncle sam. go
of all time. and running lott probably one of the best defense and jerry rice was probably the best wide receivers goes for special players. we also have a special team this year. however, i do not know about the last one with steve young and rice but in 1994 but with montana i think we will see what happens. >> and you are a jerk for talking about the smell in new orleans? what to do you know? >> i did not say the city i was referring to bourbon street. i have been there three different times for super bowl. when you get near bourbon street. it is going to smell like a beer and urine. >> and maybe, just maybe randy moss comments about being better than rights were designed to take the pressure off his teammates. >> what a genius. >> and that is the entire problem everybody is dragging about themselves, the compliments. but the jerry rice is a legend. and perhaps the greatest football player, ever, ever, and to say that he is the best. i do not think that he is doing to take the pressure off of his teammates. he was basically saying that maybe he is not that happy? >> and jerry rice defi
by march first, sequestration--the word for steep mandatory budget cuts to domestic and defense programs-- begins. >> "there is no reason that the jobs of thousands of americans who work in national security or education or clean energy, not to mention the growth of entire economy should be put in jeopardy because folks in washington couldn't come together." >> pam: president obama said tuesday that if congress can't pass a comprehensive plan, it should at least agree to a calls "a balanced mix of spending cuts and tax reform" to avert the sequester. house republicans counter-- the ball is the president's court. >> "the house, on two occasions, has passed a plan to replace the sequester. it's time for senate democrats to do their work, it's time for the president to offer his ideas of how to replace the sequester." >> "the president, we hope he takes off his superman cape and sends up a serious plan." >> pam: sequestration requires more than one trillion dollars in cuts over a decade, half from the pentagon. it was proposed as a kind of a doomsday scenario --- now, it's potentially just
defense and concluded they did not require that the target was plotting a specific attacks in the immediate future. the content contents of the memo drew sharp criticism there some legal scholars. >> it really looks like a subjective judgment by the american official who will make the call. >> and civil liberties advocates say the memo is not enough. >> it should be released to the public. if the administration is going to be claiming the authority to kill american citizens, it has an obligation to explain that claim to the public. >> the drone debate will be front and center today when white house counterterrorism adviser john brennan faces his confirmation hearing to be the new cia director. brennan has been the architect of the drone policy and one of its biggest defenders. >> it's a surgical precision, the ability to eliminate the cancerous tumor called an al qaeda terrorist. >> brennan will be facing other questions during today's hearing including what he need about enhanced interrogation techniques when he served as top ranking cia official during the bush administra
a defense between him and law enforcement, because he was supposed to go to court last wednesday. well, he has accomplished that. somebody died. i know that negotiators will be trying to minimize that and saying it was a terrible thing. but you may not have wanted that to happen. and what they would like mr. dykes to do is you and i may be talking to him right now, lester, is to come out and tell his side of the story. we have heard neighbors and other people rant and rage and suggest that the type of person he is. we know he's a vietnam veteran that served his country. this is time for him to come out, to release that little boy, but for him to stand up and say this is the reason, this is what drove me to this. so i think there are millions of people who are ready to hear what he has to say. >> we've all seen so many movies and tv shows, where after ten minutes, s.w.a.t. teams go storming in. this is a very difficult space. a four foot by six foot long bunker. typically these things end without a raid, do they not? >> 85% or more of standoff situations like this, at least end nonviolently
, and the leak now has the white house on the defensive. administration officials argued forcefully tuesday the targeted killing of terrorists who are american citizens often by drone strikes is acceptable policy in the battle to keep america safe. >> these strikes are legal. they are ethical and they are wise. >> we only take these kinds of actions when there is an eminent threat when capture is not feasible and when we are confident we're doing so in a way that's consistent with federal and international law. >> reporter: but the administration gives itself wide latitude on what constitutes an eminent threat. the memo reads the administration does not require clear evidence that a specific attack will take place in the immediate future. and a u.s. citizen can be targeted if they're believed to be a senior operational leader of al qaeda, engaged in planning operations to kill americans. anwar al awlaki was the highest al qaeda killed by a drone, and samir khan killed in 2011. >> you're taking away a u.s. citizen's due process. doesn't it deserve a broader debate? >> w
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